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Dark Cherry Mocha

March 4, 2010

The Dark Cherry Mocha has quickly become one of my new favorites. This week at Starbucks it showed up on the chalkboard as the new drink. I hope it sticks around for a bit, but after listening to the baristas at my local store I’m not sure. It doesn’t seem to be that popular.

The flavor is wonderful a dark mocha flavor followed by nice hit of cherry at the end. Not overly rich with a bit of bitterness to it It’s smooth. It’s creamy. It’s amazing. Defiantly something to try.


Daily Cup of Joe

February 1, 2010

Mocha from McDonald's...more like straight mocha than mocha latte.


Laughing Ladies

January 19, 2010

This is one cafe that is more of an experience than just a cafe. The Laughing Ladies located on 15th Ave in Shoreline, offers a wide array of drinks (both hot and cold).  The atmosphere changes throughout the day being more quiet in the morning and getting livelier as the day progresses. Offering various acts in the evening that usually draws decent sized crowds. Art that is for sale covers the walls, however I have yet to be impressed. Most of the time it looks like something that a patron’s toddler made with a $150.00 price tag attached.

A couple of interesting things about the cafe is that they offer use of computers in addition the the free Wi-fi. It’s a nice idea, but I have never seen anyone use them since most people tend to have their own laptops. The most unique part is a small kids section that is set up in one corner offering various things for tots to play with.

On this trip I got a Mayan Mocha and a blueberry scone. The mocha tasted like it had a bit of coconut in it. Overall the mocha was good, but it was the scone that stole the show. So, soft in the middle and delicious that my mouth is drooling just thinking about it!

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Greenlake Zoka

January 9, 2010

Being a contracted computer dork (or wizard depending on which one of us you talk to) R has logged many hours in at Zoka. The location in Greenlake is his particular favorite and just judging on coffee alone it’s not hard to see why. I have been here twice and on the last visit got a mocha. It was hands down the best I have had. Not to chocolaty, mixed through completely, and the perfect amount of foam on the top. A tear rolled down my cheek as I reached the bottom of the cup.

The pastries here are also top notch. I decided that we would split a truffle cookie that was decadent with R, but the real winner of the day was the brownie. it was no ordinary brownie (I know what you are thinking.  No, it wasn’t like that). A couple bites into it and a thin layer of raspberry presented itself under a layer of gooey frosting. I found enlightenment. Honestly if heaven isn’t like this than I have no interest in going.

Although I could rave all day about the pastries and coffee there are some major down sides or trade offs for going to Zoka. First is that it is in a residential area. Translate this into no parking. Street parking is the only option and often difficult to find nearby.

What is great about this place is that not only is their free internet, but plenty of plugs to keep laptops charged making it a perfect place to set up shop and work all day. The trade off is that is exactly what people do. Finding a seat here can be a task in itself since not only is the place crowded, but once people get here they grab a seat and stay.

My only real complaint about the place is the amount of time that it takes to actually make the coffee. R got a cappuccino that I stood around 10 minutes waiting for. It was filled to the rim of the mug and I performed a masterful balancing act getting it to the table. Once back at the counter I waited another 10 minutes for my mocha. Really, 10 minutes? What were they doing growing the coffee beans? Yes, I might have grown a few grey hairs while waiting, but it was worth it.

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