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Fremont Coffeehouse

March 29, 2010

A few houses line the street on a Main Road in Fremont. Amongst busy shops and restaurants they may seem out of place, but upon closer look they house funky boutiques, restaurants, and the Fremont Coffeehouse. Walking inside it is easy to see that this place celebrates its uniqueness.

The rooms of the house have been turned into various areas for seating. This is the perfect set up if you are looking to study, need a cozy place to chat, or have rambunctious children since everyone can find their own nook. Or if the mood takes you sit out on the front porch or set up shop on the larger back porch. Tables ranged in size from cozy two seaters to larger ones for studying with table lamps to boot.

One thing I noticed was that the walls seemed to be in a state of disrepair. There were areas where it appeared that small holes had been repaired and contrasted the orange painting on the walls. In the room R and I choose to sit there was an exposed hole (decent size one at that) on the wall hiding behind a chair. Hmmm….

The coffee was good. I got a Cafe Carmel, which I recommend. It had just the right amount of carmel init so that the taste wasn’t overpowering or overly sweet. However it was cold. R watched them make it and told me later that it didn’t look like they steamed it long enough. They didn’t.

Since we are now on a healthier eating kick R and I decided to split a pastry and got a blueberry coffee cake. It was perfect: crumbly and yet soft. It was a good route to go.

One issue that we ran into was connecting to the internet. R got the info to log online, which you can get at the register. You get 4 hours with purchase. However logging in became much more hassle than it was worth. R, a computer programmer, declared the connection horrible and ended up using an open connection from a business across the street.

Before leaving we picked up a bag of their coffee which I’m eager try and review.

Overall the layout was amazing and worth a trip just to check out. The Coffee was good but could have been better.

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Laughing Ladies

January 19, 2010

This is one cafe that is more of an experience than just a cafe. The Laughing Ladies located on 15th Ave in Shoreline, offers a wide array of drinks (both hot and cold).  The atmosphere changes throughout the day being more quiet in the morning and getting livelier as the day progresses. Offering various acts in the evening that usually draws decent sized crowds. Art that is for sale covers the walls, however I have yet to be impressed. Most of the time it looks like something that a patron’s toddler made with a $150.00 price tag attached.

A couple of interesting things about the cafe is that they offer use of computers in addition the the free Wi-fi. It’s a nice idea, but I have never seen anyone use them since most people tend to have their own laptops. The most unique part is a small kids section that is set up in one corner offering various things for tots to play with.

On this trip I got a Mayan Mocha and a blueberry scone. The mocha tasted like it had a bit of coconut in it. Overall the mocha was good, but it was the scone that stole the show. So, soft in the middle and delicious that my mouth is drooling just thinking about it!

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