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Brew of the Week– Trabant Guatemalan Roast

March 24, 2010

After visiting Trabant Coffee & Chi R and I decided that we couldn’t leave without picking up a bag of their coffee to take home. Since R had the Ethiopian at the cafe we went the route of the Guatemalan Roast.

The roast was amazing, but my I regret not having a better way of brewing it. There are so many subtle hints to this blend that a lot was lost for me after making it in my regular coffee pot. The French Press was the better route to go, but after having it made in Trabant with a clover I knew what I was missing. However that doesn’t mean is was bad by any standard.  It was amazing.

Just having the bag around and smelling the beans was a pleasure. The beans have a fruity smell to them and once brewed there is a notes of peach that are picked up with hint of mocha. A wonderful mix in coffee.

This is a great dessert coffee as well. My suggestion is to get a slice of chocolate cake to eat while savoring the drink. Coffee naturally enhances the flavor of chocolate, but the marriage between these two was amazing. They worked together very well and to me the chocolate only made the coffee more pleasurable to drink bring out the hints of mocha in the blend.

The other thing that I noticed is that this is a coffee that doesn’t do well cold. It needs to be savored while piping hot or a lot of the flavor is lost.  Even luke warm and it isn’t as enjoyable.