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February 22, 2010

Zeitgeist is another one of those cafes that is on every “must-visit-list” for Seattle. Situated in Pioneer Square, only a block from Qwest Field and minutes from the train station, it is situated in one of my favorite parts of Seattle.

Inside it is a typical coffee shop. The walls are covered in art from the current featured artist. The ceilings are a trendy warehouse style with the revealed pipes, exposed brick, and wood flooring. However Janis Joplin was playing, so I knew this place had a lot of potential.

The first thing that struck me about this place was the size. Compared to most cafes it was huge with lots of seating. Even though there was a steady flow of people the entire time we were there seating wasn’t hard to find. That alone was worth the visit. R pulled out his computer to work, but no outlets. It took a few minutes and help from a patron, but we found that the outlets were along the wall under the benches that were lining the window to the street. Tricky.

I ordered my usual carmel latte and R got his coffee. Once disappointment was the pastry selection. There seemed to be more sandwich type items and only one type of scone and some doughnuts. This is not acceptable in my world. I pointed to a plain glazed doughnut and took a seat. A few moments later R came over with our order. He got a ham sandwich which he said he loved and I bit into my doughnut. Wow! It was moist and sweet, but not overly sugary. I could use more of these in my life. My latte was great as well, but a bit to sweet for my liking.

Overall, this is a must try place. Especially if you plan on doing a little exploring of the area afterward.

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Top Pot–Capitol Hill

February 13, 2010

Top Pot would not leave us alone. Turn on the Food Network, it was there. Go to Starbucks, and their doughnuts are there. Search coffee shops online and they are there. This was a sign if I ever saw one. Not wanting to drive downtown we instead chose to stop at the Capitol Hill location. Again fate was on our side bringing us to the original location.

The streets were packed with cars and finding a spot to park was bit of a challenge, but we found one relatively nearby. Walking into the cafe it was easy to see the popularity of the place. A short line was backed up in frontĀ of the register and the tables were packed with people on laptops. Children ran in and out buying doughnuts for the weekend. The walls were lined with books.

Choosing my drink was easy, a carmel latte, but it was the doughnut selection that was hard part. The doughnuts were lined up in a window in front of the register. Each one looked better than the last. I choose the bull’s eye (glazed with jelly topping in the center) and R got an apple fritter. The barista threw in her favorite, a blueberry cake, since it was our first visit. The coffee was good, but the doughnuts blew me away. Thank god that I don’t live near a Top Pots otherwise I would be in trouble. This is one place that more than lives up to the hype.

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