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Brew Of The Week-Mexican Chiapas

April 23, 2010

Mexican Chiapas roast from Fremont Coffee Company is mild. Being someone who enjoys a much bolder roast this wasn’t my ideal roast, but it was decent. Opening the bag of beans a sweet aroma with a bit of spice and cocoa. It was a delicate, but pleasant smell.
First try was in a coffee maker. The coffee came out very mild and the flavors were muddle dare I say almost tasteless. Second time I used a French press and I must say that this is how I would recommend making it. This time around it was smooth with a spicy after taste. There was bit of an earthy, spicy aroma that completed the cup.
Overall it was a nice blend. Not a cup of get-me-up-and-go but something nice to sit down with at the end of the day to sip, enjoy, and read a good book with.


Brew of The Week–Villa Rica

April 6, 2010

Villa Rica is a Peruvian Blend sold at Costco alongside of their Seattle Mountain Coffee, so it is roasted in house. Always looking for a new roast I couldn’t resist picking it up after reading on the front label that it would be offered for a limited time. What is suppose to make this bean special is that it is grown in the Chanchmayo region of Peru. The farm these beans are from is 4,400 feet above sea level and is higher then other coffee farms in Peru.
Although the description on the side of the bag suggests that this blend has a sweet, light taste I couldn’t agree less. I made several cups in both my coffee maker and with a french press and got a strong bitter taste that left my mouth feeling a bit dry. Another thing that dissapointed me was the aroma of the beans (though the bag I must add) does match up with what the label says. It does have a wonder smell of berries and floral notes, but what in the bad is different. Once the bag was opened I was hit with a harsh, nasty, bitter smell. Once I let it air for a few seconds there was more of a burnt floral smell. Not what I wanted.
Villa Rica was a great disappointment.


Brew of the Week– Trabant Guatemalan Roast

March 24, 2010

After visiting Trabant Coffee & Chi R and I decided that we couldn’t leave without picking up a bag of their coffee to take home. Since R had the Ethiopian at the cafe we went the route of the Guatemalan Roast.

The roast was amazing, but my I regret not having a better way of brewing it. There are so many subtle hints to this blend that a lot was lost for me after making it in my regular coffee pot. The French Press was the better route to go, but after having it made in Trabant with a clover I knew what I was missing. However that doesn’t mean is was bad by any standard.  It was amazing.

Just having the bag around and smelling the beans was a pleasure. The beans have a fruity smell to them and once brewed there is a notes of peach that are picked up with hint of mocha. A wonderful mix in coffee.

This is a great dessert coffee as well. My suggestion is to get a slice of chocolate cake to eat while savoring the drink. Coffee naturally enhances the flavor of chocolate, but the marriage between these two was amazing. They worked together very well and to me the chocolate only made the coffee more pleasurable to drink bring out the hints of mocha in the blend.

The other thing that I noticed is that this is a coffee that doesn’t do well cold. It needs to be savored while piping hot or a lot of the flavor is lost.  Even luke warm and it isn’t as enjoyable.


Brew of the Week–Casi Cielo

March 18, 2010

This Guatemala blend was made in conjunction with the chefs at Canlis in Seattle. Or as my barista told me “that really expensive restaurant downtown.” It’s a bit disappointing that it is only available a few months a year.

Just having the bag around makes me smile. It’s heavy scent of cocoa with hint of berries. The taste is a whole other story. The heaviness of the aroma is nothing but a decoy since the coffee is medium full-bodied, rich, and smooth. Unlike most of the Starbucks which i find tend to have a heavy bitter taste Casi Cielo leaves a more lemony/citrus taste.

Starbucks bills it as versatile blend that can go with anything from herbs and cheese to chocolate and berries. This is a roast that can be severed with a variety of dishes, but would go best with lemon dishes, berries, or creamy desserts.


Brew of the Week– Seattle Mountain Coffee

March 10, 2010

My local Costco roasts coffee. Yes, it took me a minute to process this myself when I first saw this, but they do.
Java Trading Co. has installed in-store roasters into various stores where Costco employees roast a couple of hundred of pounds of coffee a day (I’ve seen various number ranging from 140-240 pounds). The result of this is Seattle Mountain Coffee, and after passing it numerous times R and I broke down and got the Sumatra blend. The result was a bit surprising.
I wasn’t expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. The coffee itself is a was dark with a full body and a slightly bitter taste to it. One thing about it was that it left a bitter after taste, but other than that it a great score especially for the price. Only $14.99 for a 2.5 pounds.


Blend of the Week- Pike Place Roast

March 3, 2010

Doing some searching online for coffee I’ve been finding the Starbucks Pike Place Roast is getting a lot of flack. Especially since many of the stores have been switching over to brewing it since April. Yes, love it or hate it Starbucks is a Seattle based company and I feel that I need to defend this coffee a bit. However I must first say:

1. It’s Pike Place NOT Pike’s Place. The is no ‘s in the name.
2. This is has been the roast that the Starbucks in Seattle use in their stores.
3. The name is a tribute to the original Starbucks that can still be found at Pike Place Market (a bit of a history lesson).

The Pike Place blend is a staple in our house and beside the Anniversary Blend it is one of my favorite Starbucks coffee. It is a very nice blend, and unlike most of the other Starbucks blends that I have had it doesn’t taste burnt. It’s smooth and robust. Yes, I can tell the difference between their blends. In taste tests I have been able to pick the Pike Place Roast from others. Since most of the other blends they use are harsh with a bit of an acidic taste of their dark roasts.

You don’t need to be an expert on coffee to enjoy it. There are no layers to this blend. It’s simple with little complexity, which can be a good thing. No, there is no strong jolt to this coffee like the typical Starbucks roast, but sometimes that’s not needed to enjoy a cup. Even in it’s simplicity not a bad cup of coffee.


Brew of the Week–Millstone Carmel Blend

February 17, 2010

Always beware of fragrant coffee; that is my rule of thumb. However, walking through the grocery store’s coffee isle I’m stopped by the smell of carmel. It’s wafting from one of those bins full of beans that sit next to the in store grinder. I stop myself ‘don’t do it. I loose the internal battle and walk out with a pound of Millstone coffee. What a mistake.

Round 1: Only wanting to make one cup of coffee I grind the beans enough to flavor two cups and wait for my coffee maker to brew my blissful smelling coffee. I pour a cup and take a sip. Than I take another sip. Wait did I pick up water by mistake? No, that’s coffee in there. Hmmm…. The coffee was more like lightly flavored coffee water.

Round 2: I’m going to do it this time and over compensate with beans to eliminate the water. Grinding what I normally do to make 12 strong cups of coffee I pour the coffee grinds into the machine and add enough water for 2 cups. Haha! I got you this time! Than I wait, pour my cup, shut my eyes, and “what the f$%$!” It is still watery. Not nearly as it was before, but there is more water in my one-cup-of-coffee-brewed-for-twelve-strong-cups than there should be.

On the up side there was some flavor if that is the upside. What I had in my cup was bitter, and not in a good way. It was that sour bitter taste. Then there was the dryness to it. I might as well have been drinking bitter sand that smelled good in the package.

Millstone you disappointed me. I take away your rights to manufacture in Washington.