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The Black Drop-Bellingham

May 1, 2010

The first thing that I noticed upon walking into The Black Drop was the large jars of coffee sitting on a table near the door. The aroma overpowered me and much like a kid at Christmas I was gitty with excitement. The choices where a bit daunting, but once I saw the 8oz offerings off the different blends I was on cloud nine. There was no way to choose just one. After asking one of the baristas if they had an 8oz bag of the Bellinghamster Blend (who wouldn’t want it?) she measured it out of the full pound bag for us and waited for us to order. Talk about customer service.

This week I was leaning more towards a chi latte and R went with his usual black cup. I looked at the pastries. Although the selection was small their was a large cinnamon bun that was calling, but R wasn’t in the mood and it was much to large for me alone. While R was ordering I overheard

a conversation between one of the baristas and a customer about the different blends, which are roasted by the owners. She was extremely knowledgeable about the roasts and seemed to have a genuine enthusiasm for coffee. Always a huge plus in my book.

We sat down and waited for our drinks. The Black Spot is very laid back. While there a few people came and went but there wasn’t the usual loud hustle and bustle of many other coffee shops. It was very calm; something I could use more of in my life. R wondered around and found the periodic table of coffee. These are the quirky touches that I love to find.

Finally our drinks were done. R seemed to enjoy his coffee. My chi latte packed the punch that I love. It was flavorful, but a bit too sweet for my taste. Even so I would go back for more.

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Fremont Coffeehouse

March 29, 2010

A few houses line the street on a Main Road in Fremont. Amongst busy shops and restaurants they may seem out of place, but upon closer look they house funky boutiques, restaurants, and the Fremont Coffeehouse. Walking inside it is easy to see that this place celebrates its uniqueness.

The rooms of the house have been turned into various areas for seating. This is the perfect set up if you are looking to study, need a cozy place to chat, or have rambunctious children since everyone can find their own nook. Or if the mood takes you sit out on the front porch or set up shop on the larger back porch. Tables ranged in size from cozy two seaters to larger ones for studying with table lamps to boot.

One thing I noticed was that the walls seemed to be in a state of disrepair. There were areas where it appeared that small holes had been repaired and contrasted the orange painting on the walls. In the room R and I choose to sit there was an exposed hole (decent size one at that) on the wall hiding behind a chair. Hmmm….

The coffee was good. I got a Cafe Carmel, which I recommend. It had just the right amount of carmel init so that the taste wasn’t overpowering or overly sweet. However it was cold. R watched them make it and told me later that it didn’t look like they steamed it long enough. They didn’t.

Since we are now on a healthier eating kick R and I decided to split a pastry and got a blueberry coffee cake. It was perfect: crumbly and yet soft. It was a good route to go.

One issue that we ran into was connecting to the internet. R got the info to log online, which you can get at the register. You get 4 hours with purchase. However logging in became much more hassle than it was worth. R, a computer programmer, declared the connection horrible and ended up using an open connection from a business across the street.

Before leaving we picked up a bag of their coffee which I’m eager try and review.

Overall the layout was amazing and worth a trip just to check out. The Coffee was good but could have been better.

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Brew of the Week–Casi Cielo

March 18, 2010

This Guatemala blend was made in conjunction with the chefs at Canlis in Seattle. Or as my barista told me “that really expensive restaurant downtown.” It’s a bit disappointing that it is only available a few months a year.

Just having the bag around makes me smile. It’s heavy scent of cocoa with hint of berries. The taste is a whole other story. The heaviness of the aroma is nothing but a decoy since the coffee is medium full-bodied, rich, and smooth. Unlike most of the Starbucks which i find tend to have a heavy bitter taste Casi Cielo leaves a more lemony/citrus taste.

Starbucks bills it as versatile blend that can go with anything from herbs and cheese to chocolate and berries. This is a roast that can be severed with a variety of dishes, but would go best with lemon dishes, berries, or creamy desserts.


EIIiott Bay Cafe

March 5, 2010

There are very few things in this world better than a good book, well unless you add a good cup of coffee to that mix. Nestled in the basement of the Elliott Bay Book Company is the Elliott Bay Cafe. What I loved about this place is that it has ample seating with lots of nooks and carnies to find a great place to kick back, pull out a book, and sip on some coffee. The place is warm and welcoming. Truly everything I want in a cafe.

I was impressed by the menu. Although there were pastries covering the bar what caught my attention was the vegetarian chili. Top that off with a carmel latte (yes, odd combination, but whose to judge) and I was set.

The chili was delicious. Jammed packed with beans and veggies there was nothing soupy about this chili. There was a few chips on the side that turned my cup of chili into a fun dip. Wonderful choice of food.

The latte was a bit of a disappointment. It tasted burnt. Although looking past that complaint it had a makings of a good latte. Some place that I would defiantly give a second chance to.

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February 22, 2010

Zeitgeist is another one of those cafes that is on every “must-visit-list” for Seattle. Situated in Pioneer Square, only a block from Qwest Field and minutes from the train station, it is situated in one of my favorite parts of Seattle.

Inside it is a typical coffee shop. The walls are covered in art from the current featured artist. The ceilings are a trendy warehouse style with the revealed pipes, exposed brick, and wood flooring. However Janis Joplin was playing, so I knew this place had a lot of potential.

The first thing that struck me about this place was the size. Compared to most cafes it was huge with lots of seating. Even though there was a steady flow of people the entire time we were there seating wasn’t hard to find. That alone was worth the visit. R pulled out his computer to work, but no outlets. It took a few minutes and help from a patron, but we found that the outlets were along the wall under the benches that were lining the window to the street. Tricky.

I ordered my usual carmel latte and R got his coffee. Once disappointment was the pastry selection. There seemed to be more sandwich type items and only one type of scone and some doughnuts. This is not acceptable in my world. I pointed to a plain glazed doughnut and took a seat. A few moments later R came over with our order. He got a ham sandwich which he said he loved and I bit into my doughnut. Wow! It was moist and sweet, but not overly sugary. I could use more of these in my life. My latte was great as well, but a bit to sweet for my liking.

Overall, this is a must try place. Especially if you plan on doing a little exploring of the area afterward.

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