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March 19, 2010

This is one place that stands out. The walls are brightly painted and covered in murals; it’s a fun atmosphere. The pastry case called the second I walked in the door. My eye went directly to the fruit tart and R settled on the bigne’ (a cream puff). Since we got there right after opening (10 am on Saturday) seating was easy to find. We grabbed a seat along the wall where the power outlet was. The barista brought out our drinks and food to our table.

The tart was delicious, but I hate it when they leave the the leaves on the strawberry. R’s bigne’ was delicious: fluffy with a creamy coconut center. The latte I had was another story. There was way to much milk in it. It was more like warm milk with coffee flavoring

than an latte. Very disappointing. However this place wasn’t a total bust. The gelato was amazing. The girl behind the counter let us try various flavor (I recommend the coffee or carmel). She offered us her favorite mixture: rice and cinnamon. Best part is that if you buy some to take home two flavors can be mixed in one container. We left with a pint.

One of the things worth checking out here is the downstairs. It’s nothing fancy, but grab the bathroom key and go. At the bottom of the stairs is glass windows that look into the bakery area. You can see everyone going about their business making the pastries and gelato.

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Brew of the Week– Seattle Mountain Coffee

March 10, 2010

My local Costco roasts coffee. Yes, it took me a minute to process this myself when I first saw this, but they do.
Java Trading Co. has installed in-store roasters into various stores where Costco employees roast a couple of hundred of pounds of coffee a day (I’ve seen various number ranging from 140-240 pounds). The result of this is Seattle Mountain Coffee, and after passing it numerous times R and I broke down and got the Sumatra blend. The result was a bit surprising.
I wasn’t expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. The coffee itself is a was dark with a full body and a slightly bitter taste to it. One thing about it was that it left a bitter after taste, but other than that it a great score especially for the price. Only $14.99 for a 2.5 pounds.



February 27, 2010

When Saturday rolled R and I found ourselves at Herkimer in Greenwood. R had been there several times for work, but it was my first visit. Upon walking in the cafe it was a bit boring. The walls were lined with a featured artist was unremarkable. There was a decent amount of seating so we set up shop in the corner next counter.
The bathroom was something worth writing about since it was the worst I have walked into yet. Papers were overflowing the trash and water was all over the floor. It reminded me a bit of a pit stop restroom that is washed out with a hose. Not a thought that I really want to associate with a cafe.

Beyond the appearance the staff was amazing. Friendly and smiling to a fault. They even stopped to smile and talk to my six month old when they walked by.

On to the important part: the coffee and pastries. My order was a latte and blueberry scone. The latte was a bit on the bitter side for me, but otherwise drinkable. The scone on the other hand was delicious. Moist, tasty, and just sweet enough to my liking.

Herkimer is a decent coffee shop, but I could take it or leave it.

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Kusafiri Coffee Shop

January 29, 2010

Running off to catch one of the last safaris of the night in Animal Kingdom R decided that he had to stop to get coffee. In the We stopped at the Kusafiri Coffee Shop in the African section of the park. We walked up to the window to order, but were told that we had to go to the small booth only two yards away to order. Um…okay? So we back up and R orders an iced coffee while I eyeball that various deserts that they have lined up in front of me. Three of the most decadent cupcakes sat before me calling my name. Three of the seven deadly sins. Overcome I wanted them, I needed them, and when R said lets get one I gobbled it down.

So, again back up. I picked the elephant cake. It was a German chocolate cupcake with a white chocolate elephant on top.

We stood around the corner like kids in a candy shop deciding how to take the first bit and sipping wonderful coffee in between bits. I savored each bit a little to much and feel a bit dirty thinking about the moist chocolate cake with a gooey coconut topping. My knees are buckling….

The elephant was the last part to be devoured and as R put it “if elephants taste that good no wonder they are going extinct.”

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Cafe Solstice

January 16, 2010

So, um, where is it? We parked, paid for a ticket, and were off with car seat in hand. “R, where is this place?”

“It’s here.” As he pulls out Android phone.

“Where? I found Starbucks….”

With a grin on his face he tells me to follow him (famous last words anyone?). A few minutes later we were standing in front of Cafe Solstice. We were on the the wrong street before. Outside was a nice sized patio that I would have loved to have tired out since the street was pretty quiet with few passerby, but with a little baby it wasn’t in the cards.

Inside I was taken by the pastries. Oh, so many to choose from, but what to pick. I settled on a lemon scone and a carmel latte; grabbed the baby and took a seat. One thing that threw us off was that there was no menu and the barista really didn’t seem interested in helping much.

The tables were large and made of thick wood. I sort of felt like I was at a bar in ‘Ye Olden Days’ and should have been yelling for the wench to bring me my grog. It was R’s kind of furniture. The place (aside from the lumberjack decor tables) was defiantly trendy, hipster, Seattle Cafe set in the U District. Students were everywhere with papers

spread all over the place. However there seemed to be a bit of a diverse mix of people there. In one corner sat a women with a pile of books, Banker To The Poor included (a women after my own heart). In another corner two girls worked on something while speaking over their laptops and in the middle of the place sat four police officers.

There is free internet. If you have a Husky card than you can access internet that way or just ask someone the password and log onto the cafe’s account.

The music was a bit loud. From my understanding what is going to be

played is dictated by the barista that is behind the counter and the level of sound as well. It wasn’t overly distracting, but louder than I preferred.

On to the important stuff: the coffee. The latte was nice, not great, but I was happy for it none the less. The scone on the other hand was well, blah. The taste was nice, but all but the middle few bites was dry. It was almost to heavy to eat. However the taste of it was very good.

Overall I really did enjoy Solstice and if I was a UW student I could see myself there quiet a bit.

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