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Brew of The Week–Villa Rica

April 6, 2010

Villa Rica is a Peruvian Blend sold at Costco alongside of their Seattle Mountain Coffee, so it is roasted in house. Always looking for a new roast I couldn’t resist picking it up after reading on the front label that it would be offered for a limited time. What is suppose to make this bean special is that it is grown in the Chanchmayo region of Peru. The farm these beans are from is 4,400 feet above sea level and is higher then other coffee farms in Peru.
Although the description on the side of the bag suggests that this blend has a sweet, light taste I couldn’t agree less. I made several cups in both my coffee maker and with a french press and got a strong bitter taste that left my mouth feeling a bit dry. Another thing that dissapointed me was the aroma of the beans (though the bag I must add) does match up with what the label says. It does have a wonder smell of berries and floral notes, but what in the bad is different. Once the bag was opened I was hit with a harsh, nasty, bitter smell. Once I let it air for a few seconds there was more of a burnt floral smell. Not what I wanted.
Villa Rica was a great disappointment.