The Blog:

Caffeinated Seattle was born from both a love of coffee and a goal that we set for ourselves at the start of the year. After living in Seattle for a year we realized that we frequent the same cafes over and over so we challenged ourself to visit a new coffee shop every week for a year.

Soon the concept snowballed into a blog with bigger goals than just trying some place new. Our vision for this blog is to become a community where people can come to not only read about coffee shops, but to see what is happening in their community related to coffee.

As we grow this site we are both excited to hear about suggestions and feedback from the community. So if you are a coffee lover, a Seattleite, Barista, or coffee shop we would love to hear from you.



R is a freelance programming Ninja living in Seattle.  Needless to say coffee is in his veins. When he isn’t coding R can be found biking, searching for the perfect wave, playing hide ‘n seek with his daughter, or thinking about programming.

Coffee of choice: A large, strong, vat of coffee. Black.


S is a traveler at heart. Always looking some place new to photograph she is always trying to get that ‘perfect’ photo. She settled in Seattle because it had everything she needed: places to explore, great people, R, and coffee.

Coffee of choice: A hot carmel latte.


Bug is a carefree baby who loves getting into things she shouldn’t. She loves playing hide ‘n seek, eating bananas, blowing raspberries, and chewing her feet. Where ever she is don’t expect to see Bug without her pacifier. Even at night she is usually spotted with one in each hand and five next to her.

Coffee of Choice: Anything she can get and believe me she tries.


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