May 16, 2010

Oh Greene’s Corner in Ferndale. It really isn’t much to look at and walking in doesn’t inspire much confidence. Somehow it became the home to Nico’s Pizza, Fool’s Onion Catering, sandwiches, coffee shop, and a small grocery in one very small building. However I have come to learn to not let appearances fool me and it is a very good motto to live by since Greene’s Corner is also the home of Hammerhead Coffee. How good is this coffee? Well I believe that I heard a chorus of angels sing upon taking the first sip.

OK. Now back to the cafe part. The cafe part is in transition. The owner is working on repairs and has plans to make it more inviting. He has already started to get the community involved by hanging photos done by local artists. A few tables fill

the cafe area and several comfy chairs are scattered around. One whole wall of the building is made up of garage doors which are opened during the summer. Sounds inviting, but the real clincher is the view. Mount Baker looms in the horizon. Coffee and a view. These are the things that make life wonderful.

Hidden behind shelves of the grocery is a small area containing a computer and coffee being roasted. Aww part of the reason why the coffee here is so good. The coffee is roasted on location and than goes straight to the cafe to be brewed for customers or directly in bags to be sold. Behind the counter is Scott, the owner. He has been roasting for

a decade and in the coffee business for 20. Fair enough to say he knows his stuff.  Don’t believe me than just try one of his roasts.

Now for the important stuff: the coffee. R got a cup of what they were brewing and I went with a Mexican Mocha. Both delicious. The mocha was perfect. The service was wonderful and we left with a bag of the House Blend. Than again how couldn’t we? After all we did see Scott not only roast it, but bag it as well. So what did we do? We immediately opened the bag the second we got to R’s grandma’s house and made a pot. The flavor of the coffee was amazing and so full of flavor. True to the description on the bag it was smooth.

Can’t make it to Ferndale (just outside of Bellingham)? No worries. Visit the Hammerhead site to order some of their amazing coffee.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Also look for Hammerhead at Lama G Cafe in Fremont and Snohomish Bakery & Cafe (antique row.) Our coffee is also certified fair-trade & organic, fyi. We (micro) roast six days a week and our beans are also available via mail order (buy four pounds, get free domestic shipping.) Thanks again, your review made my day (despite our messy roasting area) and we are nothing but grateful. Be well, keep caffeinated from our small family-owned/operated biz to yours!
    Emma and family

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