Grateful Bread

April 25, 2010

How do I wish that this place was closer to where I live. Grateful Bread is fun, energetic, and delicious. Walking in after attending the Seattle Public library book sale was maybe not the best idea since the place was packed, but from what I heard it wasn’t unusual. Although there was tons of places to sit in both the dining room and outside on the enclosed patio there wasn’t a spot open.

The best part is that this cafe lives up to its name; bread is everywhere. There was a case just of bagels and three more for pastries that were full of delicious looking scones, brownies, and cake. Behind the registers were even more selections of bread for sale at really great

prices. R and I ended up taking a loaf of garlic bread home. It was so fresh and great with some olive oil. My

new goal is to try all of the bread they have available; it was that good.

The menu offering was just as large offering bagel sandwiches, soup, salads, and deli sandwiches. And this is one place that doesn’t skimp on the portions. At many of the tables I saw people splitting salads that were heaped high on the plate.

R ordered an everything bagel with ham, cheese, and generous portions of tomato.  There was enough on it to each the bagel slices to eat it as an open face. With his sandwich he ordered his usual black coffee. The Grateful Bread serves cafe Cafe Vita coffee.

This week I diverted from my usual carmel latte and went for a chi tea latte and raspberry scone. Usually when I get a chi latte I want it strong enough to knock me on the floor. It was good, but I remained in my chair. The chi had a wonderfully strong taste to it, but was watered down so that it wasn’t nearly as powerful as it could be. My scone was just as delicious. A little hard on the outside, but moist on the inside.

There were a lot of positives to Grateful Bread. The staff was easy to talk to and friendly. It was very child friendly. There were lots of kids around and a couple of highchairs available. In my opinion not

enough coffee shops offer highchairs. The other great thing was the decor. The counter in front of the register was covered in foreign coins, the garbage can was inside of a old stove, and there was some crazy looking seating outside on the patio. This place is A+ in my book.

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