Cafe Vita Fremont

April 18, 2010

Fremont strikes a distinct picture in my mind of artisy and unique and I have come to expect this of many of the business in the area. Cafe Vita was nothing like what I expected. Walking in the cafe was like any run of the mill coffee shop. Nothing unique about it; art was hanging on the wall (this was actually a pretty decent artist. No vacation photos here) and blah decor otherwise. The tables were smooched close together which I wasn’t a big fan of especially since I could read the book of the person next to me with out trying.
The Baristas were pleasant. They seemed friendly enough, but I questioned their knowledge of what they were selling when R got me a slice of pie and they guessed the filling was either cherry or apple. Other than that they seemed to be doing a lot of random things or just standing around even when there was a line. However, as I pointed out before they were quit friendly so it is hard to hate them.

Having Cafe Vita coffee before (served at Belle Epicurain) I was stoked to actually try it at one of their coffee shops. After trying a mocha I was severely disappointed. It was very watery with a hint of chocolaty flavor and cold. If there is one thing to set me over the edge it is a cold drink that should be hot. A few minutes into it I realized that all of the mocha (and I mean all of it) had settled on the bottom. So a few quick stirs and I had and everything was mixed the way it should be. It was still watery.
One of the better parts of the visit was a round, small pie called a cutie pie. It is made by a local company and was delicious. The crust is a little thicker than I like, but the filling of apples with cinnamon was amazing. Add to that a dollop of whip cream and it is a wonderful treat for anyone.
Overall Cafe Vita was a big miss for me. Any place that come with such hype is going to be held to higher expectations, but they didn’t even meet the ones I have for a random cafe I step into.

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