March 19, 2010

This is one place that stands out. The walls are brightly painted and covered in murals; it’s a fun atmosphere. The pastry case called the second I walked in the door. My eye went directly to the fruit tart and R settled on the bigne’ (a cream puff). Since we got there right after opening (10 am on Saturday) seating was easy to find. We grabbed a seat along the wall where the power outlet was. The barista brought out our drinks and food to our table.

The tart was delicious, but I hate it when they leave the the leaves on the strawberry. R’s bigne’ was delicious: fluffy with a creamy coconut center. The latte I had was another story. There was way to much milk in it. It was more like warm milk with coffee flavoring

than an latte. Very disappointing. However this place wasn’t a total bust. The gelato was amazing. The girl behind the counter let us try various flavor (I recommend the coffee or carmel). She offered us her favorite mixture: rice and cinnamon. Best part is that if you buy some to take home two flavors can be mixed in one container. We left with a pint.

One of the things worth checking out here is the downstairs. It’s nothing fancy, but grab the bathroom key and go. At the bottom of the stairs is glass windows that look into the bakery area. You can see everyone going about their business making the pastries and gelato.

Gelatiamo on Urbanspoon


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