Blend of the Week- Pike Place Roast

March 3, 2010

Doing some searching online for coffee I’ve been finding the Starbucks Pike Place Roast is getting a lot of flack. Especially since many of the stores have been switching over to brewing it since April. Yes, love it or hate it Starbucks is a Seattle based company and I feel that I need to defend this coffee a bit. However I must first say:

1. It’s Pike Place NOT Pike’s Place. The is no ‘s in the name.
2. This is has been the roast that the Starbucks in Seattle use in their stores.
3. The name is a tribute to the original Starbucks that can still be found at Pike Place Market (a bit of a history lesson).

The Pike Place blend is a staple in our house and beside the Anniversary Blend it is one of my favorite Starbucks coffee. It is a very nice blend, and unlike most of the other Starbucks blends that I have had it doesn’t taste burnt. It’s smooth and robust. Yes, I can tell the difference between their blends. In taste tests I have been able to pick the Pike Place Roast from others. Since most of the other blends they use are harsh with a bit of an acidic taste of their dark roasts.

You don’t need to be an expert on coffee to enjoy it. There are no layers to this blend. It’s simple with little complexity, which can be a good thing. No, there is no strong jolt to this coffee like the typical Starbucks roast, but sometimes that’s not needed to enjoy a cup. Even in it’s simplicity not a bad cup of coffee.


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