Brew of the Week–Millstone Carmel Blend

February 17, 2010

Always beware of fragrant coffee; that is my rule of thumb. However, walking through the grocery store’s coffee isle I’m stopped by the smell of carmel. It’s wafting from one of those bins full of beans that sit next to the in store grinder. I stop myself ‘don’t do it. I loose the internal battle and walk out with a pound of Millstone coffee. What a mistake.

Round 1: Only wanting to make one cup of coffee I grind the beans enough to flavor two cups and wait for my coffee maker to brew my blissful smelling coffee. I pour a cup and take a sip. Than I take another sip. Wait did I pick up water by mistake? No, that’s coffee in there. Hmmm…. The coffee was more like lightly flavored coffee water.

Round 2: I’m going to do it this time and over compensate with beans to eliminate the water. Grinding what I normally do to make 12 strong cups of coffee I pour the coffee grinds into the machine and add enough water for 2 cups. Haha! I got you this time! Than I wait, pour my cup, shut my eyes, and “what the f$%$!” It is still watery. Not nearly as it was before, but there is more water in my one-cup-of-coffee-brewed-for-twelve-strong-cups than there should be.

On the up side there was some flavor if that is the upside. What I had in my cup was bitter, and not in a good way. It was that sour bitter taste. Then there was the dryness to it. I might as well have been drinking bitter sand that smelled good in the package.

Millstone you disappointed me. I take away your rights to manufacture in Washington.


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