Kusafiri Coffee Shop

January 29, 2010

Running off to catch one of the last safaris of the night in Animal Kingdom R decided that he had to stop to get coffee. In the We stopped at the Kusafiri Coffee Shop in the African section of the park. We walked up to the window to order, but were told that we had to go to the small booth only two yards away to order. Um…okay? So we back up and R orders an iced coffee while I eyeball that various deserts that they have lined up in front of me. Three of the most decadent cupcakes sat before me calling my name. Three of the seven deadly sins. Overcome I wanted them, I needed them, and when R said lets get one I gobbled it down.

So, again back up. I picked the elephant cake. It was a German chocolate cupcake with a white chocolate elephant on top.

We stood around the corner like kids in a candy shop deciding how to take the first bit and sipping wonderful coffee in between bits. I savored each bit a little to much and feel a bit dirty thinking about the moist chocolate cake with a gooey coconut topping. My knees are buckling….

The elephant was the last part to be devoured and as R put it “if elephants taste that good no wonder they are going extinct.”

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